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Academic Excellence

Catholic Scools in Genesee County provide a focused academic enviroment intended to help your child excel and fulfill thier scholastic potential. Our schools provide accredited and advanced curriculum for all ages.

Faith Formation

Education you can have Faith in… is more than just words. Genesee County Catholic Schools join with parents in teaching and training children in practice of our faith in Christ Jesus.

Available To All

The Catholic Church has a strong tradition of providing qaulity education to children from pre-kindergarten through high school. Open to all; Catholic schools provide high qaulity education with a distinctly Christian perspective.

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Why a Genesee County Catholic School System?

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Catholic School Education – A Want or a Need?

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» About Genesee County Catholic Schools

Catholic Schools in Genesee County share a strong tradition of Partnering with Parents to provide the highest quality education available. Generations of successful graduates provide a testimony to the strength of our schools. Our mission is to provide academically rigorous programs in a faith filled Christian environment. Pastors, Administrators, Teachers and Staff all work together to integrate academic and faith formation throughout your child’s educational experience.

» Who We Are

With many locations to serve each family, the Catholic schools of Genesee County are located across multiple geographic areas. Our established school facilities are easily accessible from all Genesee County residential neighborhoods. There are seven individual elementary schools serving Pre-school ages through 8th grade, and Powers High School serving 9th-12th grades.